About me

Hi there! 👋 My name is Islam.

Experienced mobile developer with 2+ years of experience. I am very proactive, goal oriented, and have the ability to work independently and as a part of the collaborative team. Always look for better opportunities to grow and improve myself.


June 2018 (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

iOS Developer at Kolesa Group - job.kolesa.kz

  • Contributing to iOS versions of classifieds projects on Objective-C & Swift.
  • kolesa.kz - website of car ads #1 in Kazakhstan.
  • krisha.kz - website of real estate ads #1 in Kazakhstan.
  • market.kz - is a free classified in Kazakhstan.
  • avtoelon.uz - is the most complete and daily updated base of announcements about cars in Uzbekistan.
  • Prepared lectures & study materials to the Kolesa Academy interns
  • Swift, Objective-C, Memory Management, Multithreading, Architectural Patterns, Module Architecture, Backend Driven UI, OOP, FP, SOLID, Design Patterns, Monorepo, CI/CD, Unit/UI Tests, UI/UX Design, Git Flow, A/B Testing.

September 2016 - June 2018 (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Mobile Developer at ZeroToOneLabs - 021labs.com

  • Built mobile application using React Native & Swift.
  • Developed mobile application nommi.net, 4G Hotspot with Unlimited Wi-Fi Worldwide. “Innovative Product 2019” on indiegogo.com.
  • Developed Pifagor Intranet mobile application, for educational center pifagor.kz.
  • Worked on development of Qamqor mobile application, that helps business owners to protect their businesses from illegal inspections. Collaboration with Government.
  • Javascript, Typescript, React Native, Redux, Mobx, Firebase, Parse Server, CI/CD, Unit/UI Tests, UI/UX Design

June 2017 - August 2017 (Astana, Kazakhstan)

iOS Mentor at nFactorial Incubator - n17r.com

  • Taught 70+ students to programming for iOS platform.
  • The results from 4 summers (’15-’18) launched 300+ mobile apps, graduated 400+ mobile developers.
  • Designed syllabus and prepared lectures & study materials on various topics.


2014 - 2018

International Information Technology University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

  • BSc Computer Systems and Software Engineering (3.1 Overall GPA)
  • Teaching Assistant for the Introduction to iOS Programming Course.
  • Taught & supervised a group of ~25 people on their practice sessions.

Fall 2004 - Spring 2014 (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Lyceum #140 named M.Makataev

  • High School diplomas with Red Certificate 5.0 (out of 5.0)
  • Unified National Test Result 118 point (out of 125)
  • Prize winner of regional physics & math competitions.


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